Monday, December 17, 2007

Only the coolest searching feature ever...

Have you ever been trying to find something using search and no matter what terms you try you end up with the same records over and over again. Frustrating! What if you could check a box that said, Only show me things you haven't shown me before, or maybe something a little shorter, and just that would happen. Each search would only show you things that you haven't seen before
Well now the Aquifer portal has it.
Registered users of who have enabled Remember my searches and records in their profile will see a new check box Unseen only which, when clicked, causes all records presented will be ones that you have not seen before. This feature is a work in progress, I'm still taking feedback on it and still smoothing off the edges. The ability to set marks (temporal or otherwise) would make this feature even better, but is currently just a gleam in the developers eye.
A new look and feel to the user profile system is part of this release. In addition to their search history users can see records they have seen a search results and records they have selected. A way of clearing this history has also been provided.

Please try it. If you couldn't think of a reason to register before, now you can.

SRU Access ready for testing

SRU access to the Aquifer Portal is up and ready for testing. explain and searchRetrieve are working. Basic error are caught and returned in a diagnostics element. The base address of the service is Please test, and test.

I shook it down with some help from Ralph LeVan and an SRU test website he created ( Our service now passes most of the tests, we are failing a couple that have to do with error conditions, that I have not quite figured out how to detect. Instead we just return zero hits.

The explain packet does not list all the potential indices yet, but I am holding off on that while Tom and I look into a more generic approach to the MODS SOLR interaction.