Monday, July 30, 2007

Bring up the portal

I spent the last couple of days playing with acts_as_solr the ruby plugin for solr. AAS relies upon the dynamic field capabilities of solr, which I ignored in my initial indexing work. Although I am still not convinced that I want to use it, AAS holds the promise of giving me faceted searching for very little work. The biggest problem with AAS is that it wants to do all my indexing for me. Which may be fine in the long run, right now indexing is down by a java program. I am still not satisfied with the performance of ruby's xsl transform engines though I still not adequately tested the libxml code. Mostly because I still can't get it to build on my Windows laptop (it took a while to get installed on ubuntu as well.)

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stoub said...

Have you looked at solr-ruby? Erik Hatcher has moved on from acts_as_solr to solr-ruby: see this

For the XML parsing, our team experiencing the same compilation woes with libxml for Ruby (I think). Email my work address and I'll put you in touch with those in the know.